We get called out so many times for computers running slow, not booting, getting pop up screens, repeatedly crashing, and not connecting to the internet. Time and time again in answer to the obvious question “Have you got any virus protection?” the main replies we get are “Yes, but it’s out of date”, “No, I don’t see the point” and “Oh yes of course I do, it came supplied with the computer” or “Yes, it’s one I got free”.

Some people have made the common mistake of having more than one anti virus on the system, this will only cause more problems and slow the system down. There are some security programs you can run in conjunction but be careful which ones you try to use together.

Over the years we have tried many different Anti Virus programs and found that Panda is by far the best, it uses less of your computers resources than other brands and finds and removes more infections. In fact we use panda to disinfect computers that customers believe are protected by other very popular products. Most of the time we simply uninstall the current protection program and install Panda Security and the pre install check removes the infection causing the problem.

So for the best protection and quicker running systems we recommend Panda Internet Security for your home and business.

Our new Pro Panda Security is even easier to install and use. We send you an e-mail with a link to click on, and that’s it! It uninstalls any conflicting security and installs itself on reboot. It even automatically renews and updates.

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