"Dream Boy"
(Dedicated to Mr Gareth Paul Gates)

I close my eyes and see him there, in my dreams so real.
With elusive words on silent lips, he sometimes can't reveal.

But in his songs he's free to say the words which may go wrong
And sing the verse so pure and strong within his heartfelt song.

So I listen for this melody and long for its embrace
And welcome once again the love reflected on his face.

When I feel my hopes are dashed
And present days are grey, that's when I roam in pleasant dreams
Where he will come my way.

No matter what the future holds trough out the realms of time
I know that here within my dreams he always will be mine.

By Valerie Brenchley


Gareth great

GARETH Gates had onlookers in tears as he filmed his debut movie role. The 18 year old, whose stammer often gets the better of him, agreed to make a cameo appearance on the big screen, but his performance had onlookers wiping their eyes.

Sources revealed: "He was so nervous on set and clearly felt like a fish out of water. But he was determined to say his few lines, even though he struggled for a bit. People often finish his sentences for him, but of course no-one could help him this time. When he finally finished people had tears in their eyes and eyeryone rushed over to give him hugs and pats on the back."

Gareth appears as a clone of himself in the forth-coming S Club flick "Seeing Double".

  Gareth Gates
"What My Heart Wants To Say"

Gareth sings this highly emotional, tightly-orchestrated ballad with authority. It's not for Hayley, but for everyone who's supported him. Especially, says Gareth referring to his speech impediment, the line "if the words don't come my way". Bless.


"What My Heart Wants To Say"
"This is the title track of the album and it is really special to me," Gareth said. "The lyrics are very personal, which makes the song even more intimate and one which I feel passionately about. I do find my speech difficult at times but it's getting so much better as my confidence grows and that's thanks to the position I'm now in, which is totaly due to my fans. The video reminds me of how far I've come this year and how much of this amazing experience I owe to them. This song is for evryone who's supported me."

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