"A Glimpse of Gareth"

By no stretch of my imagination did I expect to be fascinated by Mr. Gates. But there I was in Hyde Park clutching my concert ticket as if it were pure gold. What on earth has gotten into me? I've always been a sensible woman, no longer a naive young girl filled with 'flights of fancy.' Then why was I so captivated by this boy called Gareth.

I made a silent vow to behave in a mature, ladylike manner and not allow myself to be swept away on a wave of passion and emotion just because Mr. Pop Perfection was standing a mere few feet in front of me. Yet, excitement tingled in me. I chided myself for being ridiculous, but his charms broke right through my defences.

I have seen pictures of Gareth but I was not prepared for the heart stopping reality of him in the flesh. All natural, and up close, his very presence could flood your mind with romantic notions. There is an irresistible magnetism about him which can capture your heart and warm it with sweet dreams. I felt myself drawn to him despite my efforts to remain calm.

But I desperately wanted to recognise the boy rather then the "Pop Idol" To acknowledge the person behind the image. Strip away all the glamour & glitter of the great stage and see Gareth for what he really is. On the surface Gareth is interesting, likable and attractive, however the hype and facade of the media dramatically camouflages the person within.

I see virtues in him that do not exist in others. I admire his strength of character. I appreciate his keen intellect. Gareth possesses an inner goodness and it's this inner goodness which shines out through his face and makes him beautiful.

A glimpse is not enough, there is much more than what meets the eye. Look beneath the surface like I have. You will love what you see.

By Valerie Brenchley

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