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This service is completely FREE for a limited introductory period!

On this site you can advertise your push bike, moped or motorbike. Supply us with a colour photo and short description and its all included in our introductory (TOTALLY FREE OFFER)!!!

How can we afford to do this, you may ask and where did we get the idea from?

We had a few bikes sitting in the garage and wanted to shift them quickly and cheaply. So we thought that it would be great if it was possible to put them for sale on the web as it has a far larger audience then the local shop or news paper.

To add your bike or bikes free just e-mail us at barginbikes@brenteck.com with a photo and a short description including price and area (no more than 25 words) and we will put it on the site within 48 hours. If there are any problems and we can't place your ad within that time you should receive an explanation e-mail within one week.

The way that we make our money in this introductory period is in the banner ads at the bottom of each page. On saying this, barginbikes is a minimal profit organization, in fact we will have to start by operating at a loss. But don't worry there is no loss to you or your company (if you have a banner ad with us).

!!!Remember: This offer time is limited!!!

Any queries should be sent to barginbikes@brenteck.com you should receive a personal reply within two days if not please be patient.

All times in regards to replies and response to e-mail depend on working days, holidays and any unforeseen server/connection problems.


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Place your banner ADVERT here. Contact us at banner-ad@brenteck.com for further details.

Here you can advertise your own company, cycle shop, motorbike outlet, web site, services, bikes and anything else that you might want to advertise with us. There is a charge for this service. You will be getting great value for your money. Just think of the advertising benefits of having your own worldwide advert on the web. Just weighing the price benefits to that of a magazine ad you are not only saving money but getting a far bigger potential viewing audience and you have the huge advantage of having an animated advert to attract the customers who are looking for a bargain bike.